VULPINE Industries specializes in innovative high-tech product development. Together with our research partners and leading universities, we explore deep tech, innovation, and cutting edge product development in multiple sectors of business.

We use our 30 years of experience in the product development mixed with our background in the art of magic to look at every challenge as the opportunity it truly is.

We understand first hand that impossible is just a word and we thrive on bringing that said “Impossibility” into fruition.


We understand that your projects is unique and requires a bespoke combination of skills and experience. To provide the best fit for your project we are branching our company into segments that allows us to focus the skillsets of our teams accordingly. Each of our three pillars demands specific background, which is why we’ve got a designated team of experts for each.

VULPINE Horizons

At VULPINE Horizons our team specializes in developing programs for every age that have one goal in mind. To help you start living your most creative, productive, and fulfilling life.

We offer a very unique way of learning, practicing, and inspiring creativity along with presentational skills, intergenerational activities, and self-confidence.

VULPINE Creations

VULPINE Creations is the magic shop we’ve always wished existed. An online magic shop where innovation is the core of our mission.

We only sell/invent magic that has been road-tested, and working professional approved. If it’s on Vulpine Creations then it’s worth owning and won’t end up in your junk drawer.

VULPINE Productions

We specialize in cutting edge, engaging, and fun innovation and creativity training. When you need to inspire a company to truly think differently, VULPINE Productions has you covered.

We offer in-person workshops like you’ve never experienced before as well as keynote presentations and online courses that take the fluff out of innovation training so we can focus on practical and applicable takeaways.


The industry of professional illusions (magic) and involved stage concepts was our first field of expertise. Our creative teams of engineers is unparalleled, when it comes to mind-blowing concepts for any kind of show.

Through science and innovation we enable our customers to meet the current and future needs their industry.

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